Metropolitan may refer to:

  • Metropolitan area, a region consisting of a densely populated urban core and its less-populated surrounding territories
  • Metropolitan borough, a form of local government district in England
  • Metropolitan county, a type of county-level administrative division of England
  • Colleges and universities

    • Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
    • London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
    • Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
    • Metropolitan Community College (Omaha), United States
    • Metropolitan State University of Denver, United States
      • Metro State Roadrunners
    • Metropolitan State University, in Saint Paul, Minnesota
    • Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
    • Swansea Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
    • Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan


    • Metropolitan (1990 film), a film by Whit Stillman
    • Metropolitan (1935 film), a film by Richard Boleslawski


    • Metropolitan (novel), a science fiction novel by Walter Jon Williams
    • The Metropolitan (newspaper), the college newspaper of Metropolitan State University of Denver
    • The Metropolitan Magazine, a publication from London
    • Metropolitan Magazine (New York City), a literary magazine
    • Seattle Metropolitan, a local-interest magazine published in Seattle, Washington


    • Metropolitan (band), an indie rock group from Washington, D.C.
    • "Metropolitan", a song by Nemo


    Transit systems

    • Metropolitan (train), discontinued German luxury high-speed train service between Cologne and Hamburg
    • Metropolitan line, a London Underground route